By Sarah Ruhl

American Players Theatre, WI

Set Design: Nathan Stuber

Costume Design: Caitlin Ward

Composer: Josh Schmidt

Lighting Design: Jason Fassl



BWW Review: APT's Extraordinary EURYDICE Weeps for Fathers and Lovers

"Directed by Tyne Rafaeli, this production acquires a spiritual ambiance drawing the audience into Ruhl's and Rafaeli's underworld where Orpheus searches for Eurydice and literal sobs, tears flowing freely, were heard in the audience on opening day."


"Weep. Laugh, because there's humor overflowing from the performance under Rafaeli's visionary direction, and remember love. APT'S exceptional and stunning Eurydice will be a treasured Touchstone production throughout this season and in years to come...."

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Director Rafaeli finds the haunting music of love in APT's 'Eurydice'

"In Rafaeli's hands, Ruhl's plays – take on a darker and deeper hue. Her poetry, to me, has never sounded so rich, textured and urgent."

"But while Eurydice ultimately chooses to forget, this "Eurydice" is one you'll always remember. Haunted by death and acutely aware of our tenuous grip on who we are and those we love, it nevertheless dares to suggest that we hold on, for as long as we can."

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